Puerto Rico Incentives

by Unique Properties

Act 20 for Export Services

4% Corporate Tax Rate
100% Tax Exemption on Dividends or Profit Distributions
100% Tax Exemption on Property Taxes

Act 20 provides Puerto Rico tax incentives for companies establishing and expanding export services. The act encourages research and development investments, as well as grants credits and exemptions for research initiatives from both private and academic sectors. To help companies remain efficient and profitable, Act 20 promotes a decrease in operational and energy spending.

To qualify for Act 20, which carries a 20-year term of exemption with a possible 10-year extension, service providers must apply to the Office of Industrial Tax Exemption of Puerto Rico. Business owners who leave Puerto Rico to return to their native country are subject to applicable tax laws of their country of origin.

An Investment in Your Future

In addition to its old-world charm, sun-drenched beaches and crystalline blue seas, Puerto Rico beckons with enticing tax advantages for both individual and business investors. If you’re searching for a better way of life and a better return on your investments, it’s time to understand all the Puerto Rico Tax Code offers.

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Note: Unique Properties & Real Estates Services, PSC is not responsible for changes in Acts 20 & 22 that may differ from the information provided here. We suggest that you consult with Puerto Rico tax & legal experts for more details.

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