Puerto Rico Incentives

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EB-5(Employment-Based, Fifth-Preference Category) (Employment-Based, Fifth-Preference Category)

Employment-Based, Fifth-Preference Category


The EB-5 (Employment-Based, Fifth-Preference Category) Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, which began in 1992, grants U.S. residency to foreigners who make investments and create jobs in the U.S. Rural areas with low population density or depressed urban areas where the unemployment rate exceeds 150% of the national average, can also qualify to host EB-5 regional centers. 

A regional center is any economic entity, public or private, involved with the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment. Entities seeking the regional-center designation from USCIS must submit a proposal, supported by economically or statistically valid forecasting tools.

The EB-5 program currently makes 10,000 EB-5 visas available annually, with 3,000 reserved for designated regional centers. There are currently 210 approved designated regional centers operating in 37 states and other U.S. jurisdictions.


Do you want to make an investment to:

  • start or open a new business or franchise in the USA?

  • purchase an existing business or franchise in the US?

  • expand an existing business or company with a branch or subsidiary in the United States?

How much do I need to invest?

Treaties allow you to enter and work in the USA based on an investment you will control. Making an investment through business ownership means that you and your family may qualify for US visas.

Generally, EB5 Visas require an investment of $1,000,000. A lower threshold $500,000 exists if the business will be located in an "Targeted Employment Area". A targeted employment area is an area that, at the time of investment, is a rural area or an area experiencing unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average rate.

In Puerto Rico, there are already 4 Regional Centers benefiting from the EB-5:

  • Caribbean USA Economic Development Regional Center, LLC
  • Iconic Caribbean EB-5, LLC
  • Omega Puerto Rico Regional Center, LLC
  • Reside in America PR, LLC

You can benefit from this and other economic incentives available in Puerto Rico. Call us if you want to invest in Puerto Rico. You can start taking a look at our Listings here or Contact Us here.