Puerto Rico Incentives

by Unique Properties


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Our goal is to help you make a great investment and make the best with your money. Here in Puerto Rico, we have specialized, skilled workforce to make that a reality. Call us and we can help you understand the benefits of making business with us.

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If you’re looking for a strong return on your investment, you need to understand the details of Act 20 and Act 22, Puerto Rico tax incentives for business and individual investors. In a recent attempt to strengthen its economy and attract investors, the local government has stepped up its economic and tax incentives for those wanting to do business here.

A self-governing territory of the U.S., Puerto Rico has authority over its internal affairs, including certain exemptions from the Internal Revenue Code. Because corporations within Puerto Rico are viewed as foreign corporations, income generated here is not subject to U.S. corporate taxes. Nor are individual residents of Puerto Rico subject to federal taxes on earned income.